Benefits of TAMKO’s 2015 Summer Interns

For college students, pursuing an internship during college is one of the smartest decisions you can make. While your college coursework aims to prepare you for the working world, internships help you gain real-life work experience.

College internships benefit students in a number of ways. Along with giving students real-life work experience, internships help students develop new skills and enhance their existing ones, as well as grow more confident in their abilities. Internships allow students to apply the knowledge they’ve gained from class into real world situations.

Internships also enable students to make professional connections. Professional connections can help them network and get potential leads on other companies that may be hiring within their field. Additionally, students gain professional references that will be beneficial when applying for a full-time job.

2015 Summer Interns at TAMKO Building Products

This summer, 10 university students worked as interns at TAMKO Building Products, a company specializing in residential and low-slope roofing, decking and railing, waterproofing and cements and coatings.

For Theresa Dohmen, a nursing major at Pittsburg State University, the internship allowed her to do things she would not have expected to do, such as drive a forklift. At TAMKO, she worked as a rewinder process technician intern, where she helped cut fiberglass to various lengths. The program allowed her to step out of her comfort zone and greatly enhance her communication skills. She worked with a variety of different people, which she believes will help her in her career as a nurse.

As you can see, internships can be very advantageous for students. If a college student is given the opportunity to work as an intern, they shouldn’t let it pass them by.




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